Present your family and friends an unforgettable experience:
Gift Certificates for rides of SkyPark

Want to make a spectacular gift to a loved ones? Then give them new emotions, impressions and experiences! The SkyPark company has prepared Gift Certificates for extreme rides for thrillseekers. That will make any big day unforgettable!

Purchase and activation of Gift Certificates conditions:

  • You can buy Gift Certificates by the SkyPark company at any of our Adventure Park. Otherwise order them on our website.
  • Gift Certificate entitles you to visit the attraction out of turn.
  • You can visit the SkyPark according to the Gift Certificate daily from 10:00am to 6:00pm at any time convenient for you.
  • You can use the Gift Certificate for overcoming the rope tails in any Adventure Park by
  • One Gift Certificate ‘A Free Day’ can be used by one person only.
  • By pre-call, the facility administrator will prepare free equipment for you by reserved

If you want to find out more information about Gift Certificates ask administrators of the parks, or call on the phone numbers listed on our

Methods of delivery of Gift Certificates ordered on SkyPark website:

Ways of payment: